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Message from Rotaract Organising Committee Chair Alvin Leung

       Dear Fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors,

       When being asked about your wishes, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
       Wealth? Health? Love? Or simply a gathering with laughter and chitchats?

       Wishes vary with different people.  However, one universal thing about wishes is that
       they bring faith and courage to us.  These two elements are so essential to our lives,
       especially  under  this  difficult  time  with  the  pandemic.  Through  various  events  and
       discussions in this year’s District Conference (DC), we hope you can find your own way
       to make your wishes come true in the future. Stay positive and never give up.

       In addition to support from all Rotaractors, we always have our Rotary family being our
       back-up. Generations are growing together in this era. To enhance the effect, we are
       proud to have our first joint DC between Rotary and Rotaract. With Health, Peace, and the Environment as our main
       themes, DC enables Rotarians and Rotaractors to know and contribute to the world together in a better way. From
       preparation to execution of this year’s conference, challenges are unavoidable but we worked together as a group
       to make things possible. We also have stronger understanding about each other. It is definitely a valuable learning
       experience to all involved and also a remark of our hand-in-hand journey.

       It is really not easy to host such a grand event during recent times. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to
       all DC organising committee members, helpers, Rotarians and Rotaractors. It is you who created this opportunity
       allowing us to gather and share our joy.

       Let’s cheer up and enjoy!

       Yours in Rotaract,
       Alvin Leung
       Rotaract Executive Officer
       Rotaract District Conference Chair

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