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Introduction of Past District Governor Peter Wan

       Rotary International President’s Personal Representative

       PDG Peter Wan joined the Rotary Club of Tolo Harbour in 1991, was Club President in 2000-01, and served as
       Governor of Rotary International (“RI”) District 3450 in 2005-06.

       PDG  Peter  was  the  first  non-director  member  appointed  to  the Audit  Committee  of  the  RI  Board  of  Directors
       with a term of 6 years from 2007 to 2013. He was the Chair of China Extension Committee in 2009-10 and was
       subsequently appointed as RI’s Extension Representative for South China in 2012-14. It was during the tenure of
       the latter appointment that RI decided to expand the territories of District 3450 to include Guangdong Province of
       the Peoples’ Republic of China.

       PDG Peter served as the RI President’s Personal Representative to the Annual Conference of RI District 9455
       (Australia), 9500 (Australia) and 9140 (Nigeria). He has been an active Cadre of Technical Advisers of The Rotary
       Foundation (“TRF”) since 2001 and was a Cadre Coordinator in 2014-17.

       PDG Peter was instrumental to introducing the Rotary Leadership Institute (“RLI”) to the District when he was serving
       as the District Governor. He is now the Chair of the RLI - South China and Indonesia Division, and participates
       actively in RLI training in the region. He has also served as Training Leaders in Regional Institutes.

       He is a Past Chairman of the District 3450 Council of Past Governors. PDG Peter has been a member of the Paul
       Harris Society since its inception in the District in 2005-06. He is a major donor of TRF and has been awarded the
       TRF’s Citation for Meritorious Service Award.

       An accountant by profession, PDG Peter had been in public practice for over 30 years. A retired partner of
       PricewaterhouseCoopers, he has wide international exposure and is an expert in auditing and China business
       advisory. Currently, he serves on the board of a number of listed companies in Hong Kong and China as Independent
       Non-executive Director. He is a Non-executive Director of the Financial Reporting Council and the Treasurer and
       Council member the Open University of Hong Kong.

       PDG Peter is a strong advocator for best corporate governance practices and business ethics. He takes pride in
       upholding the Core Values of Rotary. He has held stewardship positions in a number of local NGOs and service
       organisations as volunteers. He has a personal interest to help develop the potential of and provide counselling
       advice to young leaders in his own profession, business corporations and social service organisations.

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