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Message from Organising Committee Chair

       Assistant Governor Cassy Cheng

       Dear fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors and friends,

       I am honoured to welcome you to the 61st District Conference.  This year’s Rotary theme
       “Rotary Opens Opportunities” inspires us to  create the opportunity for Rotarians and
       Rotaractors to join hands together to hold this District Conference, brings out the positive
       impacts between both Rotary and Rotaract communities.  This collaboration opens up new
       channels for further cooperation.

       Another key factor is the incorporation  of  Rotary District  3450’s  three Areas of  Focus
       —  Health,  Environment and Peace throughout different aspects of  our conference.
       Participants will have the opportunity to experience  and learn more about these key
       focuses while enjoying the rich diversity of our conference program.

       One featured element that support our theme on being environment friendly is the first ever use of LED display panels
       to exhibit the House of Friendship submissions of each club, sharing their accomplishments in the community in a
       digital way.  These contents have already been published on our DC website,

       Our preparations for the conference have not been easy and plans continue to change under the unforeseen and
       unpredictable pandemic.  I am thankful to the organizing committee for their wisdom and our participants for being
       flexible while we strive through every challenge, and help draw the conference to a successful close towards the end
       of this Rotary Year.

       In recognition to the three Areas of Focus, may I wish us all in good health, be eco-friendly and also be peacemakers
       to our world.

       With best wishes,
       Cassy Cheng
       Assistant Governor
       61st District Conference Chair






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